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Steadfast Dueling Empty Steadfast Dueling

Post by Omni~Mage on Thu Jan 29, 2015 7:54 pm Ok so I built this without visiting the Superheavy Guide, so if I'm missing anything obvious someone should let me know.

Primary goal of the deck is to beat people up with Big Ben, Susanowo, or the level 6 (which has just "Superheavy Samurai" as its TCG name....) since they can attack while in defense mode. Once you get them out the deck plays similarly to Bujin, you use armors and equips to keep them seated on the board and beat your opponent's face in while in defense mode until they submit to your greatness.

The deck mandates you don't play S/T so I thought I'd avoid BTS...for now. Honestly I've needed backrow removal more than it. Someone mentioned Bait Doll to me so I might try that.

Tragoedia, Gorz, and Scarecrow are just standard defensive options given I can't play defensive traps. I'm not sure if 7 is the right number to play but I seem to get at least 1 in my opening hand every game so far so I must be close. Jacker is meant to handle my lack of ability to handle backrow but I might be taking that out for Bait Doll. TinFish and Toy Knight are to access Gear Gigant or Super Roach to handle subpar openings. I need to test out Witch of the Black Rose; seems pretty good in a deck like this. I know I need to work in another Soulfire Shield because that card saves my ass more times than I can count, even if it's a pretty subpar equipment. I think the only hard staples the deck has are Machina Fortress + Great Wall/Scales/Big Ben/SoulFire/Hogarai/Flutist/Itawooshi.

My extra deck is open because I know the only things I KNOW I need in this deck are Gigants and the Superheavy synchroes. I usually approach it as "I'll add it when I discover I need it" which prevents me from getting attached to certain Extra Deck options (looking at you Cairn)

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