The rantings of an upjust zealot... pre-DDO Rant

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The rantings of an upjust zealot... pre-DDO Rant Empty The rantings of an upjust zealot... pre-DDO Rant

Post by Surik on Wed Jan 28, 2015 1:14 am

Dragon's Dogma Online info

Where do I begin... For those of you who never played the game yet here for maker-knows why, Dragon's Dogma was an action RPG released in 2012 and directed by Hideaki Itsuno. Some of his works include Devil May Cry 2 (LOL), 3 and 4, and that Dragon's Dogma was "a game he had been dreaming about making since his school days."  Despite being an obscure title due to poor advertisement, the game enjoyed a respectable level of success and still played by a dedicated player base to this day. The vanilla and Dark Arisen offered a rpg with a combat system similar to a DMC game, resulting in a fast paced open world RPG with immense grinding potential. Unfortunately, due to problems with a vital component of the game, there was never a PC version.

Due to previously mentioned success, there was a possibility of a sequel. Unfortunately, this is no DD2.

In a tl ; dr nutshell on my issues with what is supposed to be a blessed day.

> F2P

>"The game couldn’t be made in tandem with Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen and was therefore pushed back."

>"Capcom contemplated a monthly fee, but chose freeo-to-play in the end in an attempt to get more players to try it out."

>"Though paid items are present, the game will still feel like a proper Dragon’s Dogma game." - Microtransactions

>"The story is completely new and there are no character connections."

> Itsuno isn't directing it

In the eyes of someone who loved DD, and who saw the passion put into it by Itsuno, it's tragic to hear these steps, especially when you consider these characteristics that have proven to be awful. Only very few times have they been successful and not cancerous, such as micro-transitions in GW2.

The sadder part is this sounds more and more like some generic MMO that Capcom is trying to push as DD. If anything, Itsuno probably declined this offer because he saw faults in the concept. After all some of his works brought in profits on his name alone, and if this premise holds true he might have not wanted to be a part of destroying the series he cherished. There's no known reason as to why he wouldn't work on a supposed sequel

I haven't even begun to bitch about how expensive Fashion's Dogma will become due to microtransactions. Or so many things will be removed for the sake of moving into a MMO style. Many of the things that made DD amazing face possible gutting or tampering.

But I'll see. There's still hope. Time. And time goes on forever on the axis of Dragon's Dogma.

Sorry if this sounds like rage, or incoherent (it's been a long day, and I know this sounds incoherent), so I'll leave you with a tip: WOLVES HUNT IN PACKS

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